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Boys State 2017 information (check for updates below)

InformationThe 2017 Boys State Manual has been updated and is now online at www.texasboysstate.com  In the top header bar on the website click on “Manual” this will open a drop box with 3 items each of which when opened will have additional items.  It is highly recommended that selected delegates and all persons involved in the Boys State program carefully read the manual.  There are several changes this year of which everyone needs to be aware. 


Dept of Texas official Boys State website

Jun 11 – 16th in Austin, Texas

Registration Begins January 2, 2017

Registration Ends May 15, 2017 (Waiting list begins)


Twelfth District (Tarrant County) 2017 information


May 16th (Tuesday) – 2017 Boys State Orientation 7pm at Post 569

South Fort Worth American Legion Post 569 Google map

400 W. Felix St, Fort Worth, TX 76115; phone (817)924-0931


2014 Orientation Pictures

2015 Orientation Pictures

2016 Orientation Pictures


June 11th (Sunday) Boys State Bus Send Off at 10:00 am – leaving from Post 569

Jun 11 – 16, 2017 Boys State at Austin, Texas

[Participants will leave from and return to South Fort Worth Post 569]

2014 trip pictures and candidates

Louie Lombardo elected 2014 National Boys State Vice President

2015 trip send off pictures

2016 trip send off pictures

2016 trip pictures and candidates


Our District Boys State Chairman is Joseph Campbell

The cost to sponsor a boy to Boys State is $400 which covers all expenses.

Contact your local post to arrange sponsorship (post locator).


Link to application (includes instructions and procedure required to submit)


Boys State 2017 information updates

UPDATE: March 31, 2017

TO: Department Officers, Past Department Commanders, Division/District Commanders & Hubmasters, Commission & Committee Chairs

FOR: Immediate Statewide Distribution

FROM: Paul Barker, Texas Boys State Chairman


Please ensure this message is delivered to all Commanders & Boys State Chairpersons at all levels


Due to unprecedented support at the Post, District & Division level, applications to this year’s Boys State Program are running 50% ahead of last year’s record numbers and more than double the registrations for 2015.  Additionally, the number of approved, paid registrations are also running more than double last year’s record highs.


While these outstanding numbers are something of which to be extremely proud, I would like to ask that at each Post you now double your efforts to convert those applications into registrations as quickly as possible , provided, the applicant meets the Post’s standards.  


We are in the midst of planning and preparing for this year’s program and one of the most difficult things we have to do is estimate the counselor and staffing needs when historically 80% of our registrations come to Legion HQ in the last two months before the program begins.  We are asking that you press to finalize the registration process so that we can do a better job of anticipating our staff needs and continue to present an outstanding product.


Please note that we are having to increase the cost of the tee shirts we provide each year to the boys upon arrival.  One free shirt is included in the registration fee, and the boys typically buy 4 additional shirts for each day.  These shirts have been priced at $5 for at least 30 years and the costs to us have gradually risen above our sales price.  In addition, we are being presented with price increases from the University at every level.  We have no other choice but to raise our prices this year for the shirts.  Our proposed pricing for tee shirts this year is as follows:

  • 1-3 Texas Boys State t-shirt purchased = $8.00 per t-shirt
  • 4 Texas Boys State t-shirts purchased = $30.00 total  
  • 5 Texas Boys State t-shirts purchased = $35.00 total 

On behalf of the Boys State Committee we thank you and express our appreciation for your commitment to Texas Boys State.  Our driving desire is that no qualified person be left behind from experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  We hope you are planning to join us for Legion Day starting at noon on June 15 and ending with graduation on June 16, 2017


UPDATE: February 15, 2017

FOR: Immediate Statewide Distribution

FROM:  Texas Boys State Committee


This year Texas Boys State will accept the first 1,200 Applications and then a “Wait List” will be started.  We want to ensure that no qualified and deserving candidate is left behind from this “once in a lifetime opportunity", so it is important that we keep all Posts informed on where we stand in relation to our cap on applications.


Applications - We are in the 5th week of opening applications and we are 50% ahead of where we were last year at the same time and last year was way ahead of the previous year.

Registrations - We are now 40% ahead of where we were last year at the same time and last year was way ahead of the previous year.


What is the difference between an Application and a Registration?

Application - we have received the potential candidates application

Registration - we have received the delegates completed application and the check for tuition from the Post


What this means is - it is very important that Posts move quickly to select their candidates and forward to Austin both the completed application and check for tuition.


UPDATE: January 10, 2017

Boys State Timeline

Dates: Sunday, June 11th through Friday, June 16th, 2017.

Cost: $295.00 which includes tuition, room and board, and one Boys State Tee shirt 

How: The website is ready at texasboysstate.com


  • Immediately - Contact counselors at each high school to recommend qualified 11th grade candidates
  • January & February - Complete the interview process of each candidate
  • February 23rd through February 28th, 2017 - Complete the selection of each delegate
  • Week of March 6, 2017 - Notify delegates of their selection to attend Texas Boys State
  • Week of March 20, 2017 - Forward application and payment to Department Headquarters after reviewing for accuracy and completeness
  • Deadline for registration > May 15, 2017 or when 1200 applicants have been received.  A wait list will start on May 16, 2017.  Do not allow one of your delegates to be left out due to late or incomplete registration.  2017 Applications are already running far ahead of previous years.  We are limited to the first 1200 applicants.
  • May 2017 - Conduct Posts/District Boys State orientation with your delegates
  • July 2017 - Invite your candidates to attend your post meeting and report on their week at Texas Boys State

Consider applying to the Texas Boys State staff to assist with this great program

last updated: 31 March 2017